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Boxing lessons are designed to accommodate all levels of boxing and fitness. Whether you are just trying something new or have been fighting for years, my sessions fuse cardio training with boxing technique that can be taken at any level of skill and/or fitness.

1 hour: $100.00



Private Group Training is a popular trend in the fitness world today. Whether you’re training to be the next Olympic athlete or just want to get into a bit better shape, my Private Group Training program will help improve your fitness and have you feeling great. Plus with Group training session you even on your worst days you are able to feed off the energy of your other partners, Because as it says in the Good Book, " Iron Sharpens Iron".

1 hour: $100.00



THE 360 CHALLENGE is designed to give you the full package to success. Exercise, Diet, Sleep routine, are all things that work together for the key to your success in reaching your goals. That being said if you are lacking in just one of these areas its like pouring water into a bucket with holes in it. You need all 3 to succeed and with this 360 Package you will have all the tools needed to reach your goals.

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This program allows me to interact with the client while they do their workout from their home.This is why personal trainers are needed because sometimes its hard to get motivated themselves. This program allows me to virtually be right there with you as i push you to your limits and beyond.

1 hour $100.00


Rules & Policies 

Client disclosure

All clients must be upfront about any illness and/or condition, He/She may be dealing with, which may affect His/Her training session with Trainer.
In the case an injury occurs during training session Trainer is not liable for any such injury/Injuries
(failure to disclose such information may result in termination of written/verbal contract with absolutely no refunds.


All clients must set schedules in a month in advance.
(Except in the case an agreement is made between client and trainer, written or verbally)

Any changes to the schedule must be made 12 hours in advance.
( Failure to properly contact trainer may result in an automatic session loss upon trainers discretion.)

In the case of a cancelation client has an obligation to make up the session within a 2 month period of time, from the cancelation date, to find another date that is available for both client and trainer to make up the cancled session.

Payment policies 

A) All Payments must be made one month in advance.

B) All payments are final. Absolutely no refunds upon client/clients inability to attend set schedule.

C) In the case the client cannot adhere to previous schedule as stated in the "Client Schedules section (C)", then  client will be credited the same amount of sessions that were not used, up to the set 2 month period. Once the 2 month period is over, this will result in in an automatic forfeit of clients session/sessions in which there is absolutely no refund.

D) In the case trainer is at fault on the missed schedule, it is the responsibility of the trainer to make up the session with the client with a date and time that work for both client and trainer.

(Failure to do so Trainer must refund the set amount for the day/days that were missed).

This is the only case a refund may be given.


A) Client and Trainer have the right to terminate verbal or written contract at any time do to any reason. 

B) In the case (Trainer) is the party that terminates the contract/agreement, Trainer has an obligation fulfill the remainder of the month that has been paid for.

(Failure for Trainer to fulfill those obligations and make time for client will result in an automatic refund in for the client).

C) In the case (Client) is the terminating party, Client has the obligation to either fulfill remaining sessions left on already set schedule ( up to 2 month window) or forfeit sessions with absolutely no refund.
(Failure to make up session/sessions within 2 months will result in automatic forfeit of sessions and

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